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WithinME MD introduces its latest, most innovative service yet... “Healthy Weight DNA Testing.”

This 73-panel, genetic wellness test assists patients in understanding genetics and how it correlates to their diet, metabolism and exercise related traits. Once a patients test results have been analyzed, clinical providers interpret genetics and develop plans tailored to a patients genome; which helps clients achieve their desired weight loss goals, disease prevention, improve energy levels and overall health. Having treated well-over 2000 patients in 2013 alone, our experienced physicians deliver evidence-based, clinical and holistic wellness services that improve the lives of their patients. WithinME MD offers non-surgical treatment options such as hormone-replacement therapy, medical and natural weight-loss programs (HCG, Lipo “fat- burner”, B12), pain management, platelet-rich plasma therapy and more! Call our Arlington office today @ 703.430.1411 and schedule your appointment today! WithinME MD, Real Symptoms... Real Solutions!

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We are the premier clinical wellness option for Virginia and Atlanta patients. We offer all the options of a typical doctor's office, along with the natural medical options!

We accept almost all insurance plans!

We offer both traditional and natural medical options

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